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Childbirth Care In Palakkad

Childbirth is the culmination of the period of pregnancy when one or more newborn infants are expelled from a women's uterus. It is important to care for the new born baby and awareness for the childbirth. Childbirth care provides best treatment and services by conducting group classes for women and families to prepare for childbirth and avoid the risks of caring for newborn infants.


Childbirth Process

  •   Normal Childbirth
  •   Natural Childbirth
  •   Caesarian

If women experiences or percieves that to avoid the danger or injury at the time of pregnancy, proper care is needed for those women. Inorder to aware more about we must know the tests and procedures for the caring of newborn infants. It is analysed by the childbirth care  process & assisting methods.


Normal childbirth

In normal childbirth, baby is born head first through the vagina or birth canal. It  may or maynot include medical interventions and are not invasive. Some techniques little harm or side efects for mother or baby also cause serious problems for the normal childbirth. It can only be achieved by the medical assistance and complete care for mother in the labour room.

Natural childbirth

When baby is born on head first through the birth canal, supervised by the health care professional who ensures that mother and baby are well. This method is progressed by the medical assistance and care in labour room at the time of pregnancy.


Caesarian section is a delivery procedure for baby by using surgical procedures. Some caesarians are unexpected and are performed when childbirth complications arise during normal delivery.


During the childbirth, mother or baby require medical interventions inorder to ensure safe delivery. Sevana General Hospital provides unique treatments to care womens health and ensures safe delivery procedures in palakkad. 


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