Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hair Transplantation In Kerala

Hair transplantation treatment is the best way of restore the hair growth. Most peoples are satisfied about the treatment procedure and very much effective to get better results.

Why hair transplantation treatment?

Hair loss is the one of the main reason and also includes dandruff, hereditary characters, stress and the nutrients of food. It is more common in nowadays and the pattern could varies according to persons. The treatment is given according to the genetic characters of the patients. Treatments which gives  better results by advanced treatment procedures.

Are you worried about thinning hair or your baldness. There are many reasons that contribute to hair loss problems which includes lifestyle and our approach towards the hair care. Follicular unit extraction technique offers a permanent solution for different types of hair loss whether it be male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplantation Treatments

Hair transplantation is the best way to restore the hair among various surgical and nonsurgical methods are avaliable. Hair transplantation is the best as it provides natural look. Hair restoration procedure consists of transplant hair  follicles from the scalp at the back of the head to fill an area with thin or no hair also helps you get rid of the hair baldness.
If you need the hair restoration treatment, Sevana Hospital provides Strip harvesting technique and Follicular unit extraction techniques to improve the hair growth in palakkad

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