Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Childbirth Care Treatment In Kerala

Childbirth Care is the best ways to achieve optimal, physiological birth for women and infants. A healthy women brings forth a healthy baby. It includes care of women during pregnancy, care of the newborn after delivery. We are giving special attention to the health of the mother during the pregnancy period.

Risk Factors Affecting Childbirth

Childbirth is a normal physiological process , but complications may arise. There are so many death cases are reporting during the time of pegnancy. This is occured by the use of unsterilized instuments. Some of them have dont know how to take more care of their health and newborn babycare. This causes major conditions resulting negative impact for the child growth. The problems occur mainly for the age above 30 yrs and results in bleeding.

Childbirth Care Treatment

The Treatment procedure consists of caring of mother and giving proper tests includes the growth of baby. Care during pregnancy aimed to detect high risk pregnancy cause and gives them special attention. We can give the complete protection by cleanliness, clean surface of delivery and keeping birth canal clean by avoiding harmful practices.

During the time of pregnancy, mother should eat well and exercise daily and report hospital incase of risk occurs. Sevana Hospital aimed to prevent complication in the delivery and provides with best services & care in Palakkad.

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